A new adaptation of the Jane Austen classic through the eyes of a 21st century reader, experiencing the story for the first time.

Adapted by Lane Flores*
Directed by Amanda Lautermilch*

Premiered at the side project in March 2016

Featuring Rachel Brownjohn*, Elliot Cruz, Joe Feliciano, Kristi Forsch*, Krista Gustafson*, Connor Konz, Sasha Kostyrko*, Cassandra Laine, Melissa Reeves, Katie Reynolds*, Laila Sauer, Andrew Thorp, Korri Werner*, Isaiah Werner*, and Aja Wiltshire*

Stage Manager, Lindsay Marsland
Assistant Director, C. Jaye Miller*
Costume Designer, Aja Wiltshire*
Sound/Music, Isaiah Werner*
Lighting Designer, Lane Flores*

*Adapt company member