A story of loss, grief, and recovery based on the events of the Oklahoma City Bombing


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Written by Isaiah Werner
Directed by Aaron Henrickson

Produced in association with Redtwist Theatre
Premiered at Redtwist Theatre in May 2015

Featuring Kyle Whalen, Adam Schulmerich, Nicholas Wenz, Jennifer Midori Vance, Tyler Dickerson, Judith Laughlin, Brendan Murphy, Mark Huddle, Kristi Forsch*, Krista Gustafson*, Korri Werner*, Mary Mikva, Adrian Briones

Stage Manager, Erin Altekruse
Production Manager, Eric Turner
Assistant Director, Aja Wiltshire*
Costume Designer, Anna Troy
Sounds Designer, Isaiah Werner*
Lighting Designer, Lane Flores*
Dramaturg, Margaret McCall

*Adapt company member

 And, a HUGE thank you to all the donors that made this production possible:

Executive Producers, Buddy & Peggi-Ann Givens, John & Kathy Shingleton

Donors, Aaron Itczak, Adam Arents, Alia Azmat, Allison Shoemaker, Allison Smith, Amanda SubbaRao, Angela Horn, Annie Bruckner, Barb Crossley, Benita Mathew, Brad Johnson, Brooke Culbertson, Calen Cabler, Carly McGehee, Chelcy Harrell, Chip and April Imel, Christian Coon, Colin Anderson, CouRtney Matula, Cristina Lopez, Daniel Caffrey, Dianna Brannan, Dolly Allison Howard, Dori Farah, Dustin Rogers, Elizabeth Penn, Ellen Feliciano, Evan Jackson, Gloria Feliciano, Hannah Muther, Hassan Nazari-Robati, Hillary Rankin, Jacob Burns, Jason and Natalie Clements, Jason Foreman, JeanAnn Dobbs, Jeff Givens and Rachel Hytken, Jeff Jones, Jen Elsberry Turner, John and Cherian Lautermilch, Joy Morrison, Katherine Yacko, Katie Reynolds, Kourtni Beebe, Kristyn Larsen, Kyle Gossett, Kyle Krause, Lauren Kelly, Liz Maguire, Louisa Adams, Marla Boone, Matt Babbs, Melissa Brice, Micah and Bayli Werner, Michael Huven-Moore, Michelle Werner, Mollie Armour, Morgan McLaughlin, Nick Echols, Oscar J. Kincheloe, In loving memory of RAdm. Paul A. Lautermilch, Rhonda Brownjohn, Shelby Nash, Shelly Hooker, Stacie Veitch, Steve And Alma Brannan, Micah and Sunny Kersh, TK Morrison, Tonia Sina and Matthew Ellis, Wendyl Kirksey, Will Ledesma